West Manley Lane in summer

Showing the start of the old Drovers Track in this unique sunken Devon Lane, be sure to read the Hedgerow assessments on the Reports & Documents page

Threat of housing south of West Manley Lane is  lifted after 9 years of campaigning by WMLCG. At its meeting on 27 June 2018  MDDC voted to accept the motion 'that the Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension Masterplan (TEUEM)Supplementary Planning Document be amended to encompass the proposed changes as set out in Appendix B and adopted;and that the April 2014(TEUEM)Supplementary Planning Document be revoked. See News item  27 Jun 2018.

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Recent News

WMLCG response to Area B Masterplan April 2020

WMLCG has responded to MDDC's EUE Area B Master Plan Consultation.Please see Reports and Documents...

TIverton EUE plans for AREA B published

 TIverton EUE plans for AREA B have been published   Please download a copy...

Area B Update

After an interval of nearly two years, a resumption of interest concerning Area B’s future...

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Reports & Documents

West Manley Lane Conservation Group response on TEUE Area B Masterplan consultation.

WMLCG response to Tiverton EUE Area B draft plan April 2020


WMLCG response to Area B Masterplan April 2020

WMLCG has responded to the Masterplan proposals for Tiveton EUE Area


Tiverton Eastern Extension AREA B Draft

This is a consultation document dated Dec 2019

Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension Map - Area B
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