View of open fields - Eastern Urban Development Extension
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April 2021 Spring Update

 April 2021 update…”And the Spring comes slowly up this way”  bringing with it...

Leucistic blackbird, Railway Walk, Andrew Stutheridge 26 Feb 2021

 Photo of white blackbird taken along Railway Walk by Andy Stuthridge (

Update for 2021

Whilst the wilful arboricide along WML continues seemingly unchecked and unreported by those...

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Avifauna with Conservation Status within area of proposed development-Annex 4 of WMLCG Representation

This list does not include the Grand Western Canal as this has its own LNR status, but it does include Tidcombe Fen SSSI as the proximity of the propsed development may impact on fauna and flora of the fen. (Annex 4 of WMCG Representation).

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