View of open fields - Eastern Urban Development Extension
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Area B Update

After an interval of nearly two years, a resumption of interest concerning Area B’s future...

UK Wildlife declines continue unabated: Report from Bird Guides 3 Oct 2019.

UK wildlife declines continue unabatedToday's release of the new State of Nature 2019 ...

West Manley Lane Summer Update: August 2019

West Manley Lane Summer Update: August 2019Mixed weather has brought mixed results.Having arrived...

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The Devon Waste Plan - Consultation Document - Site Options - Appraisal Report - May 2012

Download this important PDF document above.

See the possible proposals for Tiverton East regarding a waste disposal site.

The group is formulating a response before the 3rd August 2012. Individuals can respond by following this link for an online form


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