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Letter to Concillors 25 March 2015

Dear Councillor

 At the recent adjourned planning committee meeting, we set out our concerns regarding housing development south of West Manley Lane.

 We were pleased by the positive support expressed by those members who spoke. However we realise that it may not have been easy for members to follow each of our questions delivered within our short allotted time.  That being so we attach a copy of our address, which we will again deliver at the up-coming meeting on April 1st.

 Further, we restate the summary of our position to validate our arguments.


  • The construction of some 15 3/4 bedroom houses south of West Manley Lane   causes environmental damage out of all proportion to the mere 1% of housing stock so produced in the TEUE.
  • The opening up of the hedgerow both north and south of the lane to accommodate upwards of a potential 40 to 50 cars increases  “peak flow”  traffic movements to 80-110 (PFA’s own traffic assessment for Chettiscombe Trust)  and  compromises the ecological infrastructure and safety of pedestrian user groups.
  • The siting, timing, structure and long-term management and costs of sewerage and foul water disposal have yet to be identified and its eventual link-up to that of Area B not yet addressed
  • The area of the TUEU so defined is bounded by the A361 to the north and by Manley Lane to the east but no clear line has been given for the west and south.  We suggest that by using West Manley Lane as the western and southern boundaries the whole zone is clearly outlined, both for Area A and the up-coming Area B.
  • In protecting the rural aspect and green infrastructure which MDDC champions, the area between West Manley Lane  and the Grand Western Canal (GWC) can continue to provide a safe recreational space for current and future residents: children of the new school would have safe access to a country lane and to both farming and wildlife  scenarios.
  • Similarly, if West Manley Lane were designated  a "shared lane", a concept already in existence elsewhere in Devon, it would provide a pedestrian access to a route to the Railway Walk and the GWC,  maintaining  the green corridor around Tidcombe Fen and protecting the inherent ecological balance of this ancient and unique sunken lane.


We thank you for taking the time to study our submission and would be happy to discuss any of its aspects.


Yours sincerely,


Dr Roger Whittlesey,


For and on behalf of West Manley Lane Conservation Group


25 March 2015


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