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The hedgerows of West Manley Lane are afforded protection under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997... this importance relates to the botanical diversity of woody species and the association of protected and / or rare species of animals

Devon Wildlife Consultants Report 2009

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Tiverton Grand Canal and its environs with its walking and cycling leisure opportunities is of great importance giving pleasure to locals and tourists as well as providing biodiversity and economic benefits for the local community

Devon Wildlife Consultants Report 2009

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April 2021 Spring Update

By WMLCG - posted Apr 5th 2021 at 2:00PM


 April 2021 update

”And the Spring comes slowly up this way”  bringing with it sunshine, cold Easterly winds,  fewer  trees, detailed plans of 166 houses in Area A with a roundabout or two, yet another developer with  yet another environmental report, more artistic representation of what is supposed to come,  the reappearance on “In Your Area” of the cancelled housing  development south of West Manley Lane  and still no final outcome of Area B masterplan!

But, as usual,  Mother Nature tips the balance favourably to the Lane: blossom and daffodils, Buff-tailed, White-tailed and Early bumblebee queens in search of nest sites, Peacock, Brimstone, Speckled Wood, Orange tip and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies and its first summer migrants : Swallow, Chiffchaff and Blackcap.

The leucistic Blackbird is still on its territory, Mallard pairs are getting it together on the stream and both Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers are vocal; only reptilian fecundity seems to be lacking.

Keep looking, recording and  photographing…whilst there is something left.

Photo of Brimstone butterfly by A Riley

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