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The hedgerows of West Manley Lane are afforded protection under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997... this importance relates to the botanical diversity of woody species and the association of protected and / or rare species of animals

Devon Wildlife Consultants Report 2009

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Tiverton Grand Canal and its environs with its walking and cycling leisure opportunities is of great importance giving pleasure to locals and tourists as well as providing biodiversity and economic benefits for the local community

Devon Wildlife Consultants Report 2009

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West Manley Lane Summer Update: August 2019

By WMLCG - posted Aug 13th 2019 at 9:30AM


West Manley Lane Summer Update: August 2019

Mixed weather has brought mixed results.

Having arrived later than previous years, numbers for both House Martins and Swallows were considerably reduced whereas there was a marked increase in  breeding success for House Sparrow, Goldfinch, Nuthatch and both Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker. Mallard have had a poor year going by the few juveniles surviving. Sad to note that neither Spotted Flycatcher nor Hobby were noted this year.

The nocturnal noises along the Railway Walk indicated that Tawny Owls were fecund, the number of Ravens overflying and in a few cases settling in the ancient oaks seems to tie in with other  more widespread observations,  but the increase in Carrion Crow, Rook and Jackdaw records both visiting gardens and roosting is not altogether  welcome!

More swifts seem to be overflying the area compared to previous years although the numbers in the town rarely exceeded five, before departing late July.

Of interest on was the arrival on 4th August and, to date the continuing presence of a Golden Bishop (Euplectes afer) obviously an escaped cage bird but a colourful addition nonetheless.

Small mammal records are few and far between this half year:  but the Bat survey in late May, this year concentrating in the direction of the now decimated Priority Habitat, logged five species.

Warmer weather in July heralded a spurt in Butterfly numbers after a slow start with good records of Holly Blue, Ringlet, Gatekeeper, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell,  Speckled Wood,  Meadow Brown, Peacock and a few for Silver-washed Fritillary, Small Copper and Small Heath.

However, Damsels and Dragons have been sparsely represented with only Beautiful Demoiselle, Common and Blue tailed Damsels one Common Darter and a persistent male Emperor.

The same holds true for amphibians, with no Grass Snake sitings this year.

Let’s see what the next six months brings, please feel free to contribute.

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