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The hedgerows of West Manley Lane are afforded protection under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997... this importance relates to the botanical diversity of woody species and the association of protected and / or rare species of animals

Devon Wildlife Consultants Report 2009

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Tiverton Grand Canal and its environs with its walking and cycling leisure opportunities is of great importance giving pleasure to locals and tourists as well as providing biodiversity and economic benefits for the local community

Devon Wildlife Consultants Report 2009

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WMLCG Update August 2018

By WMLCG - posted Sep 2nd 2018 at 4:00PM

WMLCG Update August 2018

In July, PFA Consulting Ltd, agents for Chettiscombe Trust, entered an application to MDDC for the construction of drainage works in a field on the western edge of West Manley Lane associated with the building development at Area A of Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension.

Although WMLCG had no objection to this overall plan, we felt that there were a number of points that required further explanation or justification and accordingly, we responded to the application in the appropriate way.

In brief, our concerns were:

  • The history  and causation of flooding along that stretch of WML 
  • The confirmation of a plan of long-term maintainance of the drainage scheme
  • The protection of the important hedgerow at that point and the undertaking that any such hedgerow should be replaced
  • The protection of Tidcombe Lane Fen SSSI by safeguarding the juxtaposed Ailsa Brook in the event of flooding of the proposed basins and swales.


Subsequently, we were pleased to note that Natural England, Devon County Council Local Flood Authority, DCC Historic Environment and MDDC Public Health Department each raised similar or related concerns regarding the application.

These matters were addressed by the spokesperson for the applicant.

Anyone wanting to read the details of the application and responses is directed to MDDC Planning portal, quoting 14/00881/MOUT.

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