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Presentation of Questions to Planning Committee 1st April 2015

  • Do you recall that in  the AIDPD Inspector’s report of 2010, (3.48) he forecast that the adverse planning impact would fall on” flood risk, visual amenity and the wildlife and ancient hedgerows in West Manley Lane” Have we  have come full circle.

  • You are aware of the numerous references to the national importance of the SSSI including input from Natural England, Tidcombe Lane Fen Society, Devon Wildlife Trust, Are you, like them, in agreement with all the measures that must be employed to protect not only the SSSI but also the Ailsa Brook and do you share our concern that even within this outline application the nature of these mitigating measures is not clear?

  • Although they have withdrawn their objection on technical grounds, do you agree with Natural England along with Tidcombe Lane Fen Society written statements that the complete safety of the water supply to the SSSI can only be achieved by not allowing development south of the lane?

  • Within this application, are the structures and long-term management of sewerage, flooding and foul water measures sufficiently outlined to be reliable?

  • Are you conversant with the Devon Wildlife Consultancy’s Hedgerow assessments of 2009 and 2013 and their classification of the entire length of ancient sunken lane as important under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997, and that it currently serves as a wildlife connectivity corridor and safe environment for small mammal species and birds, some of which are conservation concern listed and are you in agreement with MD’s own concept of protection and enhancement of this hedgerow?

  • Are you aware that along its length, this single track lane, currently used by a handful of private cars, service vehicles and farm machinery, there are three right-angle bends, no footpath and no designated passing places and that the proposed development of 3 or 4 bedroomed houses north and south of the lane would not only destroy segments of the hedgerow but would introduce 35-50 more cars and  increase “peak hour flows” by  80-110 journeys ( taken from PFA’s own traffic assessments for Chettiscombe Trust) Do you accept that new entrances separate from the proposed housing, for both farming  and vehicles servicing the attenuation ponds and sewerage machinery would need to be constructed

  •  Did you know that an increasing numbers of people are using the lane for all manner of exercise; do you agree that if the result of the proposed housing development is a rise in traffic movements in the lane, with its lack of footpath and limited visibility there will be a significant effect on road safety issues?

  • Therefore, would you not agree that by retaining the fields south of the lane for public open spaces  and green infrastructure options, this would  fit with MDDC’s own stated environmentally friendly plans and would set the whole area in a more safe and rural setting.

  • Finally, in their somewhat selective précis of our responses, are you aware that the planning officers make several incorrect attributions?  Do you share our disappointment that after six years of reasoned argument, research and response, there is little to show for this in their current report.

  • So, would you consider removing development south of West Manley Lane from this outline planning application, with the redistribution of the affected 1% proposed housing stock in favour of access to a safe scenic and sustainable route for Tivertonians and their wildlife?


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