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April 2021 Spring Update

 April 2021 update…”And the Spring comes slowly up this way”  bringing with it...

Leucistic blackbird, Railway Walk, Andrew Stutheridge 26 Feb 2021

 Photo of white blackbird taken along Railway Walk by Andy Stuthridge (

Update for 2021

Whilst the wilful arboricide along WML continues seemingly unchecked and unreported by those...

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The State of Nature Report 2013

Download the PDF above.

This report was based on data provided by 25 conservation groups. It found that 60% of plant and animal species had declined in the past 50 years - and that one in ten was now facing extinction including the Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly below.


Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly, Caterpillar and Chrysalis Aglais urticae, Nettle Urtica dioica. "Papilio Urticae, Tortoise-shell Butterfly". Watercolour. Artist: Katherine Plymley. Shrewsbury Museums Service (PLYMLEY: 018).

It is rare to see large 'clumps' of nettles in fields and meadows these days but one field off of West Manley Lane has some but sadly this field is due to be built on!

03 June 2013

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