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Submission by David Collier to cabinet 4th January 2018

Submission by David Collier to Cabinet 4th Jan 2018 Item 13 Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension.


We are concerned to see that housing to the south of West Manley Lane is back on the agenda. 

I attended the planning meeting in April 2015 when the applicant, Chettiscombe Trust, removed the proposed housing to the south of the lane and the Council voted to adopt the Masterplan with this amendment. I understand with the complexity of the planning laws this needs to be revisited but nothing has changed since the last decision. 

In Item 5.0 Planning Considerations.... members are advised at length on the implications and concerns of this change to the Masterplan. It is my recollection that this was discussed at great length, requiring the final vote to be carried over to the following day. The suggestion in Para 5.4 that the 'Council could be perceived as dismissing and being unwilling to

accommodate the views of the public' is far from the reality. The elected council members made their decision on our behalf after a long and detailed debate and it would now appear that officers are trying to reverse this decision on technicalities. 

We have lived on the lane for over 40 yrs. It is a typical Devon lane with high banks and wide hedgerows. When we first arrived it supported four dairy farms. These are now gone but the fields and the cattle remain. We regularly walk the lane with its views looking south across the fields to the railway walk and the canal with the hills beyond. At the moment all is mud and sadness but in a couple of months the hedgerows will burst into life and the swallows and martins will return with all the other bird life. The growth will crowd across the lane making it difficult to drive down but ideal for walkers. Planners and landscapers will talk in halcyon terms of creating new environments but the lane is here it is real and genuine, all it needs is protecting. 

Our council members have the opportunity to stop development to the south of the lane and protect this area for the benefit of both existing and future residents West Manley Lane could provide a clear well defined boundary to the south and the west of the development. This would give a positive building line for our planning officers to maintain and avoid the risk of further encroachment on the southern boundary. We cannot rely on future developers of the site being as responsive to local concerns as is Chettiscombe Trust.

Para 5.7 Cabinet has already resolved that in area B there should be no development to the southern side of West Manley Lane. This seems to endorse our argument for area A

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