View of open fields - Eastern Urban Development Extension
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April 2021 Spring Update

 April 2021 update…”And the Spring comes slowly up this way”  bringing with it...

Leucistic blackbird, Railway Walk, Andrew Stutheridge 26 Feb 2021

 Photo of white blackbird taken along Railway Walk by Andy Stuthridge (

Update for 2021

Whilst the wilful arboricide along WML continues seemingly unchecked and unreported by those...

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Summary leaflet - December 2011

The Council is required to produce a Green Infrastructure Strategy to support existing and
future policies in the local Development Plan. This consultation draft considers the multiple
functions of green space and the opportunities to invest in a wider range of projects than has
been possible under the Council's Supplementary Planning Document on the provision and
funding of open space through development (adopted 2008). Download PDF.

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