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WMLCG Letter to Concillors 13 March 2015

13 March 2015                                                                              

 Dear Councillor,

 Further to our letter and attached resume of 26th February 2015, we are scheduled to address the Planning Committee at its meeting on 18th March. As that will be but a brief chance to express our views, we take this further opportunity to reacquaint you with the details of our concerns over development south of West Manley Lane.

 In particular, we would bring your attention to the following:


  • By the construction of some 15 3/4 bedroom houses south of the lane, the environmental damage so caused is out of proportion to the mere 1% of housing stock so produced in the EUE.

  • By opening up the hedgerow both north and south of the lane to accommodate upwards of a potential 300% increase in private and service vehicles (18-20 houses, 2-plus cars per household), both the ecological infrastructure and the safety of the various pedestrian user groups are compromised.

  • The most recent letter from DCC Highways Department regarding West Manley Lane traffic matters (received MDDC Planning 27 February 2015) outlines a number of requirements which need to be re-assessed, specifically recommendations 1 and 9.

  • The siting, timing, structure and long-term management and costs of sewage and foul water disposal have yet to be identified and its eventual link-up to that of Area B not addressed.

  • The integrity of the eastern water supply to the SSSI is not guaranteed.

  • In spite of our seven years of reasoned argument, research and response to protect and enhance the future of West Manley Lane, it is disappointing to note that the recommendations of the planning officers, outlined in the attachment to Item 9 of the March 18th agenda, do little to reflect this.


We would hope that, after due consideration, members of the committee vote to remove this small but potentially damaging segment of the overall plan.


Yours sincerely,


Dr Roger Whittlesey


For and on behalf of West Manley Lane Conservation Group









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