View of open fields - Eastern Urban Development Extension
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Area B Update

After an interval of nearly two years, a resumption of interest concerning Area B’s future...

UK Wildlife declines continue unabated: Report from Bird Guides 3 Oct 2019.

UK wildlife declines continue unabatedToday's release of the new State of Nature 2019 ...

West Manley Lane Summer Update: August 2019

West Manley Lane Summer Update: August 2019Mixed weather has brought mixed results.Having arrived...

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WMLCG Response to MDDC green Infrastructure Strategy 2011

West Manley Lane Conservation Group (WMLCG) is pleased to contribute to the initial consultation phase of Mid-Devon District Council's Green Infrastructure Strategy (GIS) and "A Vision for Green Infrastructure" (MDV). In so doing it refers to points made in its representation to the examination of the MD Allocations and Infrastructure Develop Plan Document (MDAIDPD) (See Representation of WMLCG on MDAIDPD November 2009 paras 3-10 for details)

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